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Welcome to b(lack)fa


Join us in Celebrating the graduation of Elizabeth Cook, Courteni Dunbar, Alicia Pilgrim, Travis Raeburn, and Chelsie Sutherland the five beautiful black members of the 2020 BFA Acting graduating class from SUNY Purchase.


(Click on pictures to access links to social media profiles)

Class of 2020


It is important that we show appreciation to the BLACK LIVES and BLACK ACCOMPLISHMENTS, amongst many other BLACK contributions to this world, made possible through the students of this conservatory. It takes a great amount of fortitude to persevere through the systematic oppression that comes with attending a PWI. The interpersonal difficulties that are present within a conservatory setting, that profits from black students and alumni, leaves black bodies uncared for and oftentimes unseen. We go back to our origins by looking to our predecessors and even our youth for guidance. This BLACK GRADUATION is designed for us to uplift and acknowledge the work and accomplishments of these newly graduates. We must also show gratitude and give praise to our illustrious and notable alumni. Welcome to the first annual B(LACK)FA Graduation!


Fam! Thank you for your RSVP. Zoom details will be sent via email on friday and we'll see you on saturday!


Recent Classes






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Resources including plays, playwrights, interviews, movies, theatres, current alumni  shows, casting directors, producers, and many more resources to aid Purchase B(LACK)FA students and alumni.

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